Getting Started! (November 29th)

Welcome to Ink Gang! In this update our domain as well as our website have been published including our Roadmap, Rarity Tool, Whitepaper. We also have started to post on essential social media accounts!


Phase 1 Initial Release! (January 6th)

Our first phase of 111 Squids have been listed to Open Sea on the Polygon Blockchain for 0.006ETH starting floor price!


InkIsland Plots Opening! (January 7th)

Users can now claim plots on our website! By claiming a plot you secure your piece of “Squid Land” and will be rewarded will exclusive NFTs and Rewards in the near future!

1.0.3 Minecraft Server Publish (January 26th)

For a test trial we have created a SMP minecraft server with a 250X250 lobby, Shop, MCMMO, Warps, More Mobs, Better Biomes and more! To kick off our server we are also hosting an event to see which player/s can kill the ender dragon first!


InkGang Chests Update! (February 3rd)

These 3 Tiered Chests (Common, Rare and Super Rare) can be earned through Ink Gang Events, Competitions and Games. Owners will earn extra and guaranteed chests! After earning a chest it can be held until they choose to burn and open it!


Website update 2.0 (February 20th)

To incorporate more utilities and features to the project, we have massively upgraded our site to include all new hand drawn graphics/animations, and pages for Chests, Elixirs, Cards, Comics, information and quality of life help!


Opening of the Inkade! (March 1st)

Our online browser game arcade is now open to the public, whether you want to play casual or to compete to earn rewards anyone can come and play! With the opening of the incade we have published 1 of 8+ Official Ink Gang Indie Games with an event for owners to start earning rewards!


Squid Mutation Elixirs Update! (March 7th)

These 3 types of potions; Radioactive, Cursed and Magic will be used to transform existing InkGang Squids into “Mutant” versions of themselves and get burned once used. Elixirs may retain previous traits from your squid or completely transform them enhancing all their values.


Website Update 2.1 (March 14th)

With this smaller website update we have extended our FAQ section and made a separate support page to incorporate filtering and searching. Some additional fix’s and additions were also implemented in this update!


InkGang Vault Opening! (March 27th)

The InkGang Vault (Collection) is now on Open Sea! The InkGang Vault is a collection created to store all InkGang Artifacts, Trophies and Collectables such as Chests and Elixirs!