1. Getting a Wallet

  2. Signing Up For OpenSea

  3. Buying Some Ethereum

  4. Sending your ETH to your wallet

  5. Converting ETH to Poly ETH

How to get a crypto wallet.

The very first thing you need before anything else is a crypto wallet. I suggest using one of two Wallets;

  1. Click on the “Create a Wallet” button.

  2. Create a new password.

  3. View and save your secret passphrase. It is used to recover your account.

(It’s recommended that you download the mobile app as well)

How to sign up for Openseas.

Your Openseas account is really just your Wallet All you have to do really is connect your it.

At the top right of the OpenSea splash page, you’ll find a tiny wallet icon. Click on the wallet. You’ll find a little pop-up.

Choose your wallet provider and you’ll be prompted to “sign.” Signing just confirms you are allowing the Dapp to interact with your wallet and that’s it your now logined into your wallet on Openseas!

Buying Ethereum (ETH)

Your going then want to buy Ethereum (ETH) and transfer it to your wallet to do this go to;

Create an account add your payment info and buy your desired amount of Ethereum (ETH) (Coinbase fees will be applied $2.99 for a $100 transaction Approx)

Sending your ETH to your Wallet

To transfer your just bought ETH to your wallet, go to your wallet (top tab on PC) or (Mobile app) and copy your Ethereum (ETH) wallet address.

Go back to coinbase, copy and paste your address click the preview and then confirm the transaction or ETH to your wallet (A ETH gas fee is applied)

After this, your ETH will appear in your wallet and in your openseas account! (you still need to transfer to Polygon Ethereum on Openseas)

Converting to ETH to Polygon ETH

(We do this to avoid later on transaction Fees)

In order to use the Polygon ETH on OpenSea, you will need to "Bridge" or transfer your Ethereum (ETH) onto Polygon (PoS).

You can do this by heading to the wallet icon, located on the top-right of the OpenSea website. You should already have some ETH in your account. 

Click on the three circles on the right next to you ETH wallet balance. You should see a button, "Bridge to Polygon".

After clicking it, a pop-up window will appear and you can enter how much ETH you would like to bridge onto Polygon.

You'll be prompted to sign a transaction on your crypto wallet. (Once signed an Ethereum gas fee will be applied)

*note. You only pay these ETH fees once, so the larger the amount of money you transfer the more you’ll save. *

The bridging process from Ethereum to Polygon takes approximately 7 minutes. Once it's successful, you'll see a purple ETH icon representing your bridged ETH on Polygon (PoS). 5. And now you’re ready to start buying NFTs GAS FREE! (From here on out)